A vegan lifestyle is compatible with the highest levels of health and fitness, protects huge numbers of animals, and is a potent way to combat climate change. Plus, the food is insanely delicious and it becomes more widely available every year. If you’re thinking of trying out the vegan thing, you’ll be relieved to learn that sticking to the diet becomes easier with every passing week. In fact, by the time you make it to the three week mark, you will likely find that the lifestyle has become second nature and is nearly effortless to continue.One great thing about roasted vegetables and stir fries is that you can continually experiment with new combinations, so even if you eat these foods every day you’ll never get sick of them. And with stir fries, you can change up the grains you serve them over, as well as the sauces you use as accompaniments.

Switching to a plant-based diet is easier than you would ever expect. Instead of trying to cut animal products out of your diet, crowd them out. Constantly seek out new vegan foods.

Theres a new Vegan Butcherie in the Cape!

From vegan steaks, chicken, chops, ribs and even yummy sausages, this special place has it all! As a meat eater you wont even be able to tell the difference!

Romeo and Vero Mujinga have been vegans for many years and have recently opened a vegan restaurant in Woodstock and they are so ready to share their yummy dishes with Cape Town! You can expect delicious burgers and pastas and if you’re a pizza fan, you can find every flavour there too!

The Vegan Butcherie offers a healthy variety of vegan meat alternatives, but its those really delicious comfort foods that we absolutely love! Capetonians are quickly changing their eating habits and the vegan community is growing fast.

Place your orders and get those tastebuds ready to be spoilt!

CALL: +27 (0)67 876 3039

ADDRESS: 104 Queens Road, Woodstock

WEBSITE: https://veganbutchery.weebly.com