Yesterday morning, we started the interview series in context of 16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children, with Claire Phillips. As a radio station, we decided to open up our platforms to allow for needed discourse, albeit uncomfortable and difficult to digest at times.
The current war on women and children in our country demands series attention as radical behavioural change is in need to confront this second pandemic which many South Africans wake up to, live through and fall asleep to.
This morning we speak to another champion who was in an abusive relationship 25 years ago and since then has transformed her life, also by doing so, the lives of many other women and children.
Shaheema McLeod was the director at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for many years and has been an activist ever since the day she broke her silence. However, the focus of the interview will not be about her story, as she says it does not define her, but has provided her with the necessary empathy to handle and help others who come from similar or worse circumstances.
In preparation for the Oscar Pistorius ESPN documentary, currently being aired in SA, she conducted research on the violent state and the almost desensitised society we live in and will share her thoughts on some of those findings, also, how children are raised and how we need to change learnt behaviour, much of which is transgenerational trauma.
Listen to her story 🖤