This morning Aden spoke to Carmen Renee Samb from Saudi, she’s a regional nurse manager for 5 hospitals for the military and she’s also studying.

She lives on top of the mountain close to Mecca, she’s not allowed to go there because she isn’t Muslim but she thinks its absolutely magnificent! Lockdown has been difficult but their country has really followed the change and measurements and she’s grateful to live in a country that obeys.

She’s a born and bred Capetonian and misses home alot, but her work is her focus right now and is working towards visiting home once Covid-19 decreases. There are many South Africans living in Saudi, they are connected and stay in touch to feel closer to home. She explains that in the nursing industry, everybody knows everybody and its great this way, easy to make friends and form families.

She misses her son and would love to send all her love to her brothers and sisters!

Have a listen to the interview here with Carmen and Aden