We absolutely love connecting with our listeners who stream to Heart FM all around the world. This morning we chat to Ashley Solomon from Winnipeg, Canada. He has been living here since 2009 already, but will always be a born and bred Capetonian. Winters are extremely cold, Ashley actually explains that you have to plug in your car during winter, so that it can heat up, so you can drive it.

Ashley is originally from Durbanville, and he and his wife moved over to Canada to find jobs and a different lifestyle. His wife is a dental professor and he is a CA. He tells Aden that. their main reason was also for safety, Canada is extremely safer and it makes him feel so much better not having to stress about the safety of his family.

Ashley loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to have visited all over Canada, exploring many cities.

Cape Town will always be home, but right now he is happy to keep living in Canada, have a listen to the interview here…