Was your weekend filled with activity, excitement and adrenaline and suddenly you have work? Us too. The weekend felt way too short. Struggling to switch to the work mindset again? We have got you covered.

Keep exercising

Exercising releases endorphins. Instantly a mood brightener. We need to stop hibernating and get outdoors. Do some exercise that is fun. Perhaps dancing or yoga. Something that speaks to you.


Eating foods that are mood boosting is the way to go. Fall out of the habit of eating unhealthy food. Studies have also shown that maintaining a healthy diet can prevent depression. Foods such as avocados, nuts and dark chocolate are the type of foods you should be looking at.

Go outside

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Yes, you get where we are going. We are talking about vitamin D. Even if it’s a short brisk walk or parking your car a little bit farther away than you normally would, getting outside is so important.