History of the Gatsby

The mouth watering sandwich originated from the Cape Flats, many decades ago. It was a cheap way back in the day to be able to fill the bellies of big families. The name of the massive, food dripping sandwich is believed to be inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, The Great Gatsby, due to its association with ‘excess’. The Gatsby is a cultural symbol of The Mother city and we absolutely love sharing this meal with our friends and families!You could just about put anything your heart desires into a Gatsby, but the favourites are polony, masala steak, eggs, hot chips, chicken, salads, calamari and Russians! Is your mouth watering now?

Golden Dish
Nothing brings people together like delicious food. Food serves as a cultural marker, attends every milestone and celebration, and can be dressed up or down. Food is where the heart is. If you really want to make a fantastic friend, come to THE GOLDEN DISH! The people who give you their food give you their heart.
Aneesa’s Take Aways has been the home of the vienna and chip parcel since 1976. They have many ‘Combo Specials’ and are great value for money, its their way of saying THANK YOU to their loyal customers! Tomato sauce? Barbecue spice or peri peri, mix it all for the most delicious flavours!
Cozy Corner 

It’s safe to say that Cosy Corner is both a Cape Town landmark and an institution. Established in 1973, Cosy Corner was one of Cape Town’s first Halaal eateries and remains one of its most popular. It still operates from the very same corner in Wynberg, and is still owned and run by the family who started it.But Cosy Corner is known as much for its homeliness and welcoming spirit as it is for its food. Ingredients and products are sourced from carefully selected suppliers. With a vast menu, and especially famous for their Grills, Curries, Salomies and of course Gatsbys, Cosy Corner draws regulars from around the Peninsula.


Here’s a list of a few more lip smacking Gatsby places!
  1. Texies -17 Darling St, Cape Town City Centre – 021 461 4817
  2. Mariam’s KitchenAddress: 101 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre. Contact: 021 423 0772
  3. Super Fisheries63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone, 7764 – 021 696 9833
  4. Bona Fast Foods32 Victoria Rd, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 7941 – 021 705 3015
  5. Fisherman’s laneKlipfontein Rd, Athlone, Cape Town – Contact: 021 637 6567
  6. Yusra’s KitchenThree Anchor Bay, Cape Town – 021 439 4883