Confidence, feeling fresh and clean is that feeling you get after leaving the barber. Getting a haircut is like getting new clothes. You look great and your self-confidence gets a massive boost. Here are some reasons why having a haircut is such an important self-care treat.

Environment in a barbershop is decidedly masculine

Guys tend to stay out of salons to cut their hair. Barbershops, on the other hand, are constructed with men in mind. They create an atmosphere in which men can sit back, relax, and enjoy themselves and the experience that the barbershop creates. Studies have shown that taking your son to the barber is a rite of passage for many fathers. The atmosphere helps with their development into “men”.

Visiting a barbershop is a one of a kind experience

Each barber shop has its own vibe. Whether it be sports, cars or the vintage feel, your barbershop has a vibe. Most feature free refreshments, and many barbers are happy to chat with you with no nonsense or small talk.

Variety of styles available

If you go to a salon, the options are most likely limited. Whereas when you step into a barber you have a world of possibilities when it comes to a haircut. Other cuts that you can also get at a barber are beard trims, mustache trims, scalp massages, line ups, and much, much more.

Bang for your buck

The quality of getting your hair done at a barbershop can is far better than getting it done at a salon. Your barber knows what they are doing and know how to make you feel happy about your haircut.

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