Western Cape health authorities say the ban on selling alcohol will benefit hospitals.

The health officials briefed the provincial legislature’s Covid-19 ad-hoc committee about the department’s response plan, on Wednesday.

The department says there’s been an increase of alcohol-related trauma incidents in 5 big hospitals in the province.

Between March and May, the daily admission of people was around 2.

But since suspension was lifted in June, the number has jumped to nine per day.

This week national government prohibited the sale of alcohol again.

Head of Department, Dr Keith Cloete, says this will help hospitals to deal with covid19.

“Trauma admissions increase and trauma deaths increase in the Emergency Centres. It’s depleting our ability to be able to manage both covid-19 and trauma incidents] as we approach the peak.We have noted from our perspective alcohol ban would be beneficiary for health services, because it takes the burden away from health-care service that is needed for covid-19”