The transition from holiday to back to a school routine can be difficult for many children. It can actually be quite stressful for both children and parents, leading up to the first day back.

Kids have literally been living their best lives, and now it’s drawing to a close! Today on Irma G’s show, she asked listeners to share their tips on how to deal with ‘back to school blues’.


Here’s what listener’s had to say..

  • Come up with a prize or a rewarding activity that the child could earn for separating from mom or dad to attend school.
  • A week or two before school, start preparing children for the upcoming transition by getting back to school year routines, such as a realistic bedtime and selecting tomorrow’s clothes.
  • Let your kids choose their clothes, shoes and other items they need
  • Buy treats, your children’s favourite food for the first week back
  • Change eating habits to support learning (less junk food, more proteins and complex carbs). Be sure to eat together as a family.