Prepping for Back to School? We’ve got you covered with the things that might not necessarily be on the stationery list.

1. Book covers
Keep stock of book covers. Get a little crafty with the book covers. Ask your little one about their favorite character and make it enjoyable for them.

2. Labeling
This is a big one. With stationery lists, everyone in your kids class has the same stationery. Keep labeling to avoid any incidents or confusion. Buy a fabric marker and get marking on there too for after-school amenities.

3. Socks
Do you have a sock monster eating all your socks? I know I do! To avoid this buy tons and tons of extra socks. Store them away for a rainy day for those days where you turn the whole house around looking for socks.

4. Shoe polish
We would never want our kids to look unpolished. From head to toe they will be polished. Buy some shoe polish for their school shoes and sneakers.

5. Hair accessories
This is a touchy issue with rules and regulations. Before purchasing any hair products or accessories make sure it follows the school code of conduct. We want to stay in the good books.

6. Home stationery
Yes, your child/ren have stationery but in the result of anything happening keep stock of extra stationery. No more last minute trips for stationery in the middle of the term.

This is your little check list to finding the things that aren’t on the stationery list that definitely should be. Happy schooling for 2020.