Hanover Park is a community where drugs, gangsterism, poverty and unemployment is high on the Cape Flats, like so many of our communities in Cape Town. These issues are not chosen by the People but is the after effects and legacy of Apartheid forced upon our People, which so often gets ignored. But there is Hope in our communities.

Aden Thomas chats to Aunty Avril live on Heart FM, have a listen to the interview here:

The Alcardo Andrews Foundation 

One such Hope, is a leader called Avril Andrews and I was privileged enough to document her story. She is the mother of the late Alcardo Andrews who lost his life due to crime and gangsterism in Hanover Park. He was murdered in his quest to make a change in his community. Avril started the Alcardo Andrews Foundation after her son was murdered, initially to feed hundreds of hungry people, daily, in Hanover Park.

Feeding Programme & Family Food Parcels 

The Alcardo Andrews Foundation is currently feeding up to 600 people daily, in Hanover Park. This campaign will support the Foundation to keep their daily feeding programme running to provide relief to those people in Hanover Park who are facing extreme hunger, and who desperately need this support.

With Your support, the Foundation will also be able to provide people in need with food parcels that could sustain one family for at least a week. This is a much-needed gap in our communities on the Cape Flats. These Funds will be used to bulk purchase food items needed for the daily preparation of meals, including fruit and vegetables, and various items for the family food parcels.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

The Alcardo Andrews Foundation’s staff and volunteers are in desperate need of gloves, masks, sanitizers and other personal protective equipment. They are in direct contact with hundreds of people in need, daily. It is extremely important they take all measures to increase protection and minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Show some love to these beacons of Hope. Every bit helps.

“We are doing what needs to be done in, with and for our beloved communities. With YOUR support, we can stretch the love even further to support and reach those that need it most. We are in a position to make a difference’’

Your financial and social support will allow us to: 

1. Provide workshops and additional activities for those in need

2. Recruit additional facilitators to work with our young people

3. Provide a camp and/or hiking activities for young people

4. Provide us with fuel to transport food to more people in Hanover Park, especially those that are not physically able to collect food from our distribution point

5. Purchase a laptop and printer for the organization

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Pictures by Index Finger 88