“A leading global information company, revealed that nearly 62 percent of professionals prefer to eat lunch at their desks. There are far too many important tasks to be tackled in a day, leaving no time for a sit-down lunch.” This is called as desktop dining by social scientists. 

According to an article, “ Another downside of today’s work culture is that some offices do not have a clearly delineated lunch hour, people take a break as and when work permits. There is no concept of hands or pens down.  Lunch on the go or a la desk is quite acceptable. The new open-plan offices of today’s world are maybe hip and promote better accessibility and less stringent hierarchy, but there is no official break from work. Work and leisure spaces mesh and you eat and toil in the same space.”

Some go for a quick jog during lunch times, you see it in the CBD quite often.

In England researchers found that Seaside living soothes the mind of rich and poor alike. People living in towns and cities near the coastline reported having better mental health, even the poorest folks.

“”Our research suggests, for the first time, that people in poorer households living close to the coast experience fewer symptoms of mental health disorders,” said researcher Dr Jo Garrett, from the University of Exeter, in England.” 

The best thing to do is to break away from your work routine, even if it is taking a walk to the corner shop for a cooldrink. We need the fresh air and for our brains to re-energise. So do it next time..

10 Things You Should Do On Your Lunch-Break 


  1. Take a real break.  Try not to check your e-mail, bring work with you or talk about work during lunch.
  2. The first thing you should do when your lunch break begins is take a deep breath and relax.
  3. Get up from your desk or work space. Get up to walk to another room to eat is important, or better still, getting outside for some fresh air and a quick walk can do wonders for the body and spirit.
  4. Eat. You’ll pay for it later when you can’t concentrate and throw your body off balance.
  5. Enjoy your food. Treat yourself to something you enjoy that fits with your diet.
  6. Catch up with old friends.
  7. Engage in activities that will help you re-energize. Take a walk outside, visit the gym or meditate. Get out and do something that will make you feel better about yourself.
  8. Avoid all screens. Try to stay away from your phone or computer. Give your eyes a break.
  9. Don’t take too long or too short of a break. If you’re allowed an hour for lunch, take it
  10. Regroup. Take a few minutes to reassess where you’re at and re-prioritize the rest of your day depending on how the morning has unfolded.