Another hard-lockdown in the Western Cape is something Premier Alan Winde wants to avoid.

He is still, however, considering the options, as corona virus infections continue to rise.

A lack of adherence to Covid-19 safety regulations – especially an increase in social gatherings – has been blamed for the surge.

Last week, Disaster management teams and health officials began weighing up the possibility of heightened measures.

These may include new curfews, the use of road blocks and increased law enforcement presence.

Winde is urging the public to up their health and safety practices.

“ I have asked the team to look at that. Is it possible, and what a local restriction looks like. But, in actual fact, I don’t want to go to any of those things if possible.  We are preparing for it, we looking at it, and what are the options.  And of course the worst is a lockdown.  Everything we do now in the next couple of weeks, is how we avert a lockdown”