Each hectare planted can remove over 4 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per year. Spekboom can, however, be used for more than it’s carbon emission talents. This bush is also known as porkbush and its high in vitamin C. Here are ways in which you can use this miracle plant for your own benefits:

Help soothe your tired and blistered feet

You can use Spekboom to help sooth your blistered feet, its perfect for those long hikes up the mountain. The juicy leaves are used as an antiseptic and to soothe skin ailments such as pimples, rashes, insect stings and sunburn.

Add Spekboom to your drinks

Take your gin and tonic game to the next level by switching out the cucumber for some spekboom. If you want to infuse the spekboom taste into the mix, pick some leaves and cut them in half before dropping into your glass. Delicious plus the added benefits of Vitamin C, WINNING!

Add Spekboom to your food

Spekboom has a zesty taste, making it a perfect addition to salads or juices. All you need to do is pick some leaves and use as garnish. Alternatively, if you enjoy making your own juices at home, pop some in the blender!

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Lets come together and join the sustainable movement that could make our world a better place for all of us to enjoy!