Pasta Grande Easy Pasta Meals is an innovation range of the Pasta Grande “mother pasta brand”. It is a 2-minute easy to cook pasta meal, made from 100% Durum Wheat. It is not a noodle meal, but an actual pasta meal, from the Heartland of Malmesbury. The Pasta Grande Easy Pasta Meals comes in 3 flavours: beef, chicken & mushroom & mild Chakalaka.

Aptly described as Pasta Grande’s innovative “2-Minute Mouthful Meals” – the new Easy Pasta Meals are the solution for quick, tasty and filling lunches, dinners or in- between snacking. Pasta Grande Easy Meals are available in three delicious flavours: Beef, Mild Chakalaka and Chicken and Mushroom and each packet is enough for one warm, saucy and comforting meal for the very hungry or even two smaller meals for the not so hungry. Produced in the Heartland of Malmesbury, Pasta Grandé Easy Pasta Meals are made from 100% Durum Wheat and quality herbs and spices. Unlike instant noodle products, Easy Meals are not deep-fried, nor does it contain palm oil or sugar. It’s not a noodle – it’s real pasta!

For those that enjoy adding a bit of a personal touch to their meals, toppings such as poached egg, adding some freshly sliced chilli, cutting in a cheesy sausage, or adding some take-out chicken are excellent ideas. Crunchy chopped kale, diced baby tomatoes and a few spring onions could “health-up” the meal to feed two or more people.