Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks. 

The aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. This morning we’re also speaking to the the premier candidate of the Land Party, Loyiso Nkohla…

“To fix South Africa, we will need to fix the economy. This is what the LAND PARTY intends to do. To arrive at our conclusions below, we have looked at the flaws and the best practice solutions of all ideologies – from Socialism, Communism, Capitalism and more. We were particularly interested in some of the economic policies deployed by one of our BRICS partners – namely CHINA – that led to the emergence of CHINA as a world economic force within a few short decades.

In short: we need to bring back business confidence to South Africa, so that employers and professionals can return to our shores, so that they can start new businesses and employ our people. The people can ONLY prosper if the people can work.

Poor people cannot employ other poor people.

We therefore need to welcome rich business people who have become wealthy by running honest businesses, whilst we need to prosecute corrupt billionaires who have stolen from our people and bankrupted state entities. We need to stamp out crime and corruption. Public servants must become servants again, and not act like they are public ‘gods’.” https://www.landparty.org.za/manifesto


Listen to the interview here: