South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared a national state of disaster in South Africa in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what that means.

Travel ban from foreign nationals from high risk countries from 18th march 2020.
– SA citizens advised to refrain from travel to or through high risk countries effective immediately.
– SA citizens returning from high risk countries will have testing and self isolation.
– All foreign nationals having arrived into the country since mid-February from high risk areas must be tested.
– All spheres of government must not take non-essential travel.
– Gathering of more than 100 people prohibited.
– Schools closed from 18 March until after the “easter” weekend break.
– Visits to all correctional facilities cancelled for the next 30 days.
– All businesses must ensure all measures taken to intensify hygiene control.
– All shopping centres must ensure all measures taken to intensify hygiene control.
– Capacity of health centers being increased nationally.

  • Call for all to wash hands for 20 seconds.
  • Call for all to sneeze with a closed hand into a tissue of elbow.
  • Call for all to avoid close contact with those who have flue like symptoms.
  • Call for all to practice the “elbow” greeting and not shake hands.
  • National command council has been established, meeting 3 times a week, chaired by the president.
  • This virus will have significant and drastic effect on our economy.
  • Cabinet is finalising a package of varying fiscal measures for business labour etc.
  • We must stop spreading fake news.
  • Swift, purposeful, and collective action required.

There are 61 confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa as of 15 March 2020.

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