November is Diabetes Awareness month. We are joined in studio by founder of personal coaching business 99. zero, Helga Nefdt who has taken a unique approach to dealing with a lifestyle disease.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the term “comorbidities” and the importance of managing these to enjoy a long, happy life. As there is a global focus on Diabetes Awareness this  month ( 14 November)  it is important to appreciate that dealing with a lifestyle disease is not a single event, but a journey of acceptance, introspection, and a measured approach to live a fulfilling life, says Helga Nefdt, local integral life coach.

Nefdt is no stranger to the shock and confusion of dealing with a diabetes diagnosis, and draws on her personal journey of pain, depression, weight fluctuations and ill-health to having her condition under control and sporting a positive mindset and strong body, when she structures personal coaching courses for her clients.

Diabetes was always present in her life, long before she was diagnosed. “My earliest recollection of diabetes was my maternal grandmother. She was diagnosed late in life.  I remember at family gatherings everyone doting on my gran about her ‘suiker’.  She was micromanaged by my mom and my aunts closely watching every morsel she ate!

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