An NPO empowering youth from disadvantaged communities to get tech savvy and ready for the already happening fourth industrial revolution.

Founder of Abaguquli, which means transformers in Zulu, Aasiyah Adams, joins us on the line to tell us more…

Abuguquli means transformers, translated from zulu. It is also their philosophy. They aim to transform lives through education and innovation. They are an all-female level 1 BBBEE registered non-profit company and organisation dedicated and passionate about transformation and empowering, upskilling and motivating our youth to make informed decisions by providing them with access to information and opportunities.

1. The impact they are making in the disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape. 2. Their focus on upskilling youths, who will become tomorrow’s leaders.
3. How the community can support this initiative.
4. Success stories from the programme.

Empowering and uplifting youth and communities and preparing employees and businesses for the fourth industrial revolution through training, information, access to opportunity and connecting stakeholders. We would like to enhance and empower businesses, employees and the unemployed to be aligned to the skills required for the fourth industrial revolution.

The vision and main focus on Abaguquli is to help upskill unemployed graduates (amidst the 4th industrial revolution) get their foot into the doors of companies and get into the workplace quicker than usual – especially due to the current massive unemployment scenario in South Africa.