Appeal to President Cyril Ramaphosa – What about the People? Joanie Fredericks

Marc Lottering in collaboration with singer Craig Lucas and activist Joanie Fredericks are releasing an appeal to President Cyril Ramaphosa to urgently intervene in the ongoing crisis that has been caused by the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Communities across the world are at the forefront of the devastation that has been wreaked as governments, businesses and life as we know it, shut down.

After meeting with Joanie to find out what can be done Marc wrote a song and got The Voice SA winner and number 1 singer, Craig Lucas to lend his voice to the cause.

The message is clear, people are starving and communities need help. The goodwill of so many who continue to contribute is appreciated but the issue is one for government to step up and lend a helping hand.

Dear Mr. President… We need your leadership, empathy but most importantly your support.

Please make this video go viral and reach President Cyril Ramaphosa #whataboutthepeoplesa

Have a listen to the interview here