AB de Villiers, Karen Zoid and Ndlovu Youth Choir have joined forces to record a song of joy, inspiration and hope. After what has been a difficult and trying year in South Africa and around the world, their new single and music video for The Flame aims to inspire and uplift our nation.

How did a cricket icon, a rock star and a much-loved choir come together on The Flame? AB De Villiers explains:

“Karen Zoid and I spent time together in 2019 to write music. We want to inspire, to carry a message and help make a difference in the lives of people. During our writing sessions I spent a lot of time thinking about the challenges I had faced as a cricket player and the parallels with everyday life. At the time we had no idea Covid was on the cards but regardless, we felt the world needed a positive message.”

But by the time it came to recording the song in 2020 they were faced with technical challenges aplenty with AB in Dubai, Karen in Cape Town and Ndlovu Youth Choir in Limpopo – all locked down during lockdown.

Karen explains: “ We had to record and produce The Flame remotely. In the chorus I’m singing “We fan the flame” while the others sang “We found the flame”. The flame, a sliver of fire, has always represented massive hope to people on a physical and metaphysical level. I guess I could have gone back and redone my vocal to match the other voices but I didn’t because it felt right being recorded incorrectly. Some of us are celebrating hope and some are still searching for it. But we all want to sing a song of hope. Out of an imperfect song and an imperfect world beautiful things do transpire. They always have and they always will”. “Out of imperfect songs and an imperfect world beautiful things do transpire. They always have and they always will

The video features scenes of Karen and Ndlovu Youth Choir at Supersport Park, Centurion, along with self-shot images of AB in Dubai  – he’s currently in Dubai for the IPL tournament which ends in November.

Listen to the interview with Aden Thomas here:-

Unlikely pop star AB de Villiers explains why The Flame is important to him:

“For me this is a song about endurance, teamwork and character. It makes me think of the challenges we face in SA when it comes to GBV, a high crime rate and racism – and I know that we have a special energy here that one finds nowhere else in the world.  Walking through flames and enduring hard times makes us stronger as a nation and I know we’ll continue to rise.”

Karen echoes AB’s sentiments and adds:

“Sometimes in life we are surrounded by beauty and sometimes, like in the year 2020, we have to conjure up the strength and the passion from within. Those who have known hardship before are finding it easier to continue and endure on, but those who are new to the toil of struggle may have more strength stored up in themselves to weather the storm because they are young to the pain of uncertainty.”

The Ndlovu Youth Choir gained worldwide fame on America’s Got Talent and added a sublime tone to The Flame. Choir master Ralf Schmitt agrees that they were delighted to be included:

“In times of uncertainty and turmoil the world remains united in our love for music, sport, art and culture. Together with Karen Zoid and AB de Villiers we have brought these passions together to not only inspire but bring hope and warm hearts.”

The Flame is now available on all major streaming platforms.