The Safety Lab was established in 2012 with a mandate from Western Cape Government to identify, develop and test innovative safety and security solutions, recently working in conjunction with the People’s Coalition, and they’ve created a website that specifically looks at tracking security force violence or brutality, be it SAPS, SANDF, or another state-owned enterprise. 

Director for the Safety Lab, Nathanial Roloff, joins us on the line…


During their initial research and tracking, they have found that there have been grievous human rights violations of those who come from communities that are vulnerable and marginalised and they are concerned that these victims’ experiences will not come to light or even be able to get justice to the abuse they experienced.

They sent us the link to the website and asked us to share it with the public. To make sure that those that are taking Covid-19 as an opportunity to abuse or misuse their power and or position are held accountable.

This is the URL: