Here are some pointers based that might help with keeping romance alive in your relationship:

Always support your partner in self-growth and encourage them – Always thrive to help motivate your partner, support them in their goals and aspirations. No matter what it is, genuinely support them. Expect the same from your partner.  Individuals enjoy an enhanced level of personal well-being when they believe that their partner views them and behaves towards them in a manner that is consistent with their own ideal self. The best relationships not only make us happy, but they also help us become better and happier people.

Talk to each other & REALLY talk to each other – We live really busy lives and it is easy to go through our daily routine and miss the fact that we don’t really know how our partner’s are feeling inside. Ask your partner if anything interesting happened in their day or if they have something they’d like to share with you. Keep talking about events from the day and really listen to them. Spend some time with each other in the evenings alone to communicate intimately in a relaxed space. You both will feel better about yourself and closer to each other if this effort is made.

Make the effort to always do fun things together –  It’s lovely to buy flowers or presents for your partner on Valentine’s Day, but why wait that long to spoil them? The best gift is ti spend time together doing things you both love doing and really enjoying it. Couples that have been together for a long time, often feel like their love life needs a boost, so why not make the effort to plan things that you both love. Activities add spice to the relationship! Perhaps you should start a new tradition? Schedule a regular date night when you can try new restaurants and types of food, or book a trip to an exciting destination.