A Cape Town teenager landed himself in some hot water when he was caught speeding while on joyride with friends between Old Strandfontein and Ottery Road, this past weekend.

It’s believed the 16 year old clocked speeds of over 200km/hour.

A Ghost Squad officer spotted the Golf 7 travelling at a high speed along Jan Smuts Drive towards Grassy Park, and gave chase.

It’s alleged that the teen skipped several red traffic lights, and refused to stop.

The officer then called for back-up, and eventually the vehicle was stopped.

The teenager was released into his father’s care.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith says the actions of the teenager must be condemned.

“He had five passengers in the vehicle, all around the age of 15. It also turned out that the driver had taken his brother’s new car without permission. I shudder to think of the potential tragedy that could have unfolded here. This was no joyride, but reckless endangerment and I hope that it’ll be a lesson to everyone concerned. Also, the fact that these teenagers were out past curfew is another concern, particularly given the current resurgence we are experiencing”.