There are days that all you want to do is get out of bed, find coffee and pretend to be a functioning human being? Have a look at the best coffee shops to get your daily trills.

Truth Coffee Roasting

Truth Coffee Roasting is considered to be best coffee shop on the continent. Always buzzing with customers. A shared communal table is available or sweet booths for a more intimate coffee date. The coffee and food do the talking here.


Bean There Coffee Company

The Bean There Coffee Company is a ethnical coffee shop that started off quite small. They are moving onto bigger things and expanding. Taking over the coffee scene one coffee cup at a time.

Bean There Coffee Company

Origin Coffee Roasting

Origin, one of the first quality brewed coffee shops in Cape Town has been around for a while. Quality over quantity is really played out here with origin.




Quite a new coffee brand paving the way as one of Cape Town’s finest coffee hubs. They have branched out, now having two stores. Twice as nice, in the Waterfront and the other in Woodstock. Check them out as they have excellent service.



Who says quality doesn’t have to be affordable. Deluxe has amazing quality at a value for your money. Deluxe caters for quick coffee trips with several little coffee shops.

Homepage 23 June 2019

Your weeks just got a whole lot better, you coffee snobs.