The Survivor Haven Foundation focusses on youth development and Gender Based Violence. Janine Passenz who is the director of the organisation helps and supports rape victims by providing them with free counselling and their family members too. She also focusses alot on outreach programs within various schools, where she educates on self development and up-skilling. She provides steps to help against Gender Based Violence and provides a safe space and support for victims with court cases. Janine has become a rock and strong support system for many girls who have become victims due to GBV, she continues to go the extra mile to always ensure safety for her girls.

Janine was nominated by Aisha Seconds who has watched her grow in this space and has been a witness to the change Janine has created for these girls at Survivor Haven Foundation.

Suga called Janine and Aisha today to share with them some good news…

We would love to give a big thank you to our friends at Blue Ribbon who came on board our 16 Days for Youth Journey, as well as our friends IAMFORHER who donated sanitary towels to Survivor Haven Foundation.

If anyone would like to assist and get involved, please send an email to