Over the past two week’s we’ve ask you to tell us about worthy organisations serving our youth in various communities and we’ve received so many. Usually at this time, we shut down our main studios, jump in our vehicles and hit the roads around the Western Cape to connect with communities and people in those communities who make a meaningful difference. In saying this, we received an email from Tawheerah who explains the story of Taahir Dawood from Pelican Park, the community hero who does everything from his own pocket to help his community.

Taahir Dawood is best described as a community worker, a beloved Islamic scholar, a friend, a brother, advisor, hardworking teacher, son and a sport enthusiast. This young man who wears many hats within his community is driven to do everything in his power to help motivate the youth. He creates many outreach programs for underprivileged families living in the community, he equips them with skills to be able to use for positive change for their futures. He arranges fun days, sports days, spiritual up-liftment programs and feeding schemes. Taahir does all his feeding from his own pocket and tries to reach out to other people for support in order to feed.

During the national lock down, it’s been a great struggle but Taahir strives to get hungry families fed, at least twice a week.

Taahir is a motivated and inspired young man, graduating at the top of his class as an Educator. He is a passionate individual who has a strong desire to help, we would like to thank Taahir for his selfless acts that he continues to do, weekly. Your hard work and love for your people doesn’t go unnoticed.  We’d also like to thank our AMAZING sponsors who have come on board to help Taahir.

A special thanks to our partners at BLUE RIBBON for supporting the 16Daysforyouth Initiative. Our friends at PENINSULA FEEDING ASSOCIATION, to our well-known friend of the station Tannie Magdha for always supporting and going the extra mile, and lastly to PENINSULA BEVERAGES for also coming on board and helping the community of Pelican Park.

Have a listen to this beautiful moment with Taahir and Aden Thomas this morning

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