Over the past two week’s we’ve asked you to tell us about worthy organisations serving our youth in various communities and we’ve received so many. This time we’ve asked you to help us shed light on those who make a meaningful difference in their community. In saying this, we received an email from Amanda nominating the Lentegeur Community Soup Kitchen. Adelaide Philander who leads the soup kitchen feeds more than 300 people every Monday and Thursday with delicious cooked food.

They have been serving the community for the past 18 years and have asked for small donations from other communities, in order to keep feeding the people of Mitchells Plain. People come from further communities, some from Khayalitsha and Heinz Park to fetch a meal to feed their families. Many of these starving families are struggling, children going to bed with empty tummies.

Our incredible partners from Mc Donald’s has offered Adelaide some cash in order to continue her feed, Thank you so much to Mc Donald’s for supporting the 16 Days for Youth Initiative.

Have a listen to the interview here