Henrietta Abrahams from Bonteheuwel Development Forum has been feeding her community, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge demand for food in this area.

This organisation is the heart and soul of the community, they take on the communities issues, and try to find solutions for them. Their aim is to provide support and a safe space for those suffering. They desperately need big pots and burners in order to be able to help feed these starving people. Through these trying times, we need to help each other here to be able to provide care and support for those cant. This past Saturday these amazing souls handed over blankets to people sleeping on streets in and around Bonteheuwel as well.

Our Friends and partners at Solly and Zohra Noor Foundation heard Henrietta’s story and came on board to help cater for the communities needs. These giving individuals donated money towards the feeding schemes, and we are truly touched and grateful to our sponsors for opening their hearts to the Bonteheuwel Development Forum.

Have a listen to Lunga chatting to Henrietta here:

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