Stylish, bubbly, and no soft target, this actress, performer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player brings a large amount of energy in a small package.

Having been in the entertainment industry for the Past 8 years, Tara Lee is a multi- dimensional creative with a flair for sports. Not only is she a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, she’s a lover of stage performance, acting and languages. Tara-Lee uses her love of sports to cross lines and bring people together.

Multidimensional media personality Tara Lee is nuts about sport, and brings her love of helping others beyond the mic. A skilled Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practioner, Tara Lee uses her love of sport to break down barriers and bring people together. She’s also a talented actress and stage performer with a flair for languages.  This stylish, bubbly, and creative lady is a powerhouse of creative talent.