What do radio and cooking have in common? Nothing really, but Suga attests to the fact that the ingredients to her success lies in a tried and tested recipe of hard work and determination. Not one rest on her laurels, SUGA is constantly reinventing herself as she goes through life as a single mother, media personality and qualified Chef.


SUGA has made a name for herself as a pioneer for female radio personalities, having been one of the first female presenters in South African broadcast history. Over the years she has paved the way for so many aspiring female presenters along the way and continues to push the envelope on a daily basis.


This phenomenal femme fatale is dynamite; as small as she is, she packs a punch! Her brand new show ‘Mornings with Suga’ kicks off every Monday to Friday from 9AM-12! It’s filled with exciting content; from the entertainment world to serious topics that are on people’s minds. Her unmistakable voice and infectious laughter are guaranteed to keep listeners tuned in and engaged!

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