The Department of Water and Sanitation says it is satisfied with the amount of rain that fell over the Western Cape’s dams over the past week.

Last week’s heavy downpours and flooding resulted in a massive increase in dam levels.

In fact, the increased runoff led to several dams on the coastal side, overflowing.

They’re currently standing at 64.9% full this week – up from 58.6% the previous week.

The department’s Malusi Rayi says they welcome the recent rainfall as this increased the water levels within the province.

“Most of this runoff was seen in the Southern Cape where significant increases in dam levels were experienced. The Gamka Poort, Stompdrit and Kamanassie dams all had increased flow which ultimately led to these dams spilling. Notable recovery of dam levels within the Berg and Olifants/Doorn Catchments was also experienced. The most significant was the Clanwilliam Dam which experienced a significant increase from 16,94% to 68,27% after the recent rains. A total of 17 dams within the Western Cape has an increase of more than 5%”.

Picture: Department of Water and Sanitation