With the third academic term afoot, foundation phase learners are set to spend more time on maths and reading.

The Western Cape Education Department – says learners in grades – one to three – were most affected – by the Covid-19 pandemic, and these measures have been put in place so that pupils are not at a disadvantage – in the future.

The learners will spend an extra two hours a week on reading and one extra hour per week – focusing on maths.

Education MEC David Maynier says this intervention – won’t increase – the length of the school day,

But adds it’ll be monitored to inform decisions for the next academic year.

“We all recognise that we cannot afford to wait until next year to address learning losses. All Foundation Phase teachers will participate in a webinar on Monday 25 July 2022, to take them through the intervention before it is implemented. We appeal to all teachers and parents to support us as we ramp up our efforts to reverse the impact of the pandemic”.