Western Cape Traffic Service have issued a total of 6 081 fines amounting to more than R5 million over the past week.

Authorities conducted 203 integrated roadblocks, vehicle check point and speed control operations, where 289 speeding offences were recorded and 22 arrests were made for driving while intoxicated.

According to the traffic services say 30 vehicles were impounded and 57 were discontinued for roadworthiness.

A total 29 people died as a result of vehicle crashes. They include 13 pedestrians, eight drivers, five passengers, two motor-cyclists and one other.

Transport MEC, Daylin Mitchell, says everyone should take responsibility for road safety.

“Don’t drink and walk. Don’t wear headphones or earphones when you cross a road. Only cross roads where it is safe to do so. Wear visible clothing, especially at night. Motorists can only avoid you if they can see you”.

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