Protests against crime by a Strand community fell on deaf ears as gun violence continued over the weekend.

It’s believed that nine people, including two children, were injured in two separate shootings in the Broadlands Park area on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the incidents is believed to be gang related.

The police have arrested three people in connection with the violence.  They’re facing four counts of attempted murder, armed robbery and malicious damage to property.

Ward councillor, Sean Stacey, was saddened by the turn of events.

“ It’s sad that these happened a day or even hours after the community rallied together on that Saturday afternoon to have a peaceful march, to protest against crime, drugs and gangsterism in the area”.

Stacey says despite residents’ reluctance to assist police – out of fear of being targeted – it’s a whole society issue.

“ The solution is not going to come from one person or one particular group. What we need is whole societal change”.