UCT has laid charges against a group of people who disrupted students during their mid-year exams.

In the footage – that has since circulated on social media – a group of people can be seen walking in between and around students seated in a hall.

The incident is said to have taken place on UCT’s upper campus yesterday.

One man is even seen pushing papers off the desks of a few students there.

It’s understood that outsourced workers from the institution are behind these actions.

According to reports, the group wants to be directly employed by UCT.

The university’s management has disputed that — saying they are not workers of the university.

Varisty spokesperson, Elijah Moholola, says charges of trespassing and malicious damage to property have been laid with police.

The university’s student representative council (SRC) has also condemned the incident.

The SRC’s general secretary, Cathy Mthenjane, says they’re dismayed by yesterday’s events.