Traffic authorities in the Western Cape have issued a warning that errant motorists will face extreme punishment over the Easter long weekend.

Several people will be making their way to various destinations for the long weekend.

The traffic directorate says it has developed a plan which will be executed from Thursday evening until Monday.

Its purpose is to speak to the needs of the traffic volumes that are expected to leave and come into the province.

Acting director for law enforcement, Vigie Chetty says they will be visible on all provincial routes.

“Basically we will be looking at our focus areas, drinking and driving, speed law enforcement, driver and vehicle fitness as we have kicked off our Easter weekend campaign. It’s very one’s responsibility to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy take that long road”

Taxi mother body, Santaco is appealing to its members to comply with traffic regulations, as taxis start hitting the road this afternoon.

Chairperson, Mandla Hermanus says all motorists need to be considerate towards each other.

“Whether it will be trucks or private vehicles. But we put more emphasis on our taxis because we carry huge volumes as compared to private vehicles. But all of us have to play a role to ensure people are safe on the roads”.