Trade union federations, Cosatu and Saftu say they will continue to push for government to attend to issues facing South Africans.

The two called for a national shutdown on Wednesday.

Despite marches being held, they didn’t succeed in bringing the country to a standstill.

They demanded that government attend to the problems of unemployment and the rising cost of living.

Saftu’s Nadine Adams says the situation needs to change.

“ It’s a norm for government to accept our demands and throw them into a bid, and that will now change. As Saftu will go back and assess our actions for the day. But we do a strategy in place that involves each and every member of the public and a trade federation. The decisions that we will make will not be based, but make them united with the working class.

Meanwhile, Cosatu’s Malvern De Bruyn says government needs to accelerate the pace of addressing people’s needs.

“ We are confident that we can get positive results going forward. We know that PRASA has a plan, but it’s moving too slow. We want government to speed up the process to ensure that we have a reliable, safe and affordable transport system in the province and in the city”.