The Theewaterskloof Municipality has hit back at Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis for misleading the city council, over that municipality’s electricity tariff hike.

During the council meeting last week, he said Theewaterskloof Municipality imposed a 16% increase.

“It is one thing to criticise the City of Cape Town, but to do so from a possession of hypocrisy when you are doing absolutely the same and worse. In the one municipality in South Africa that you [Good Party] control. I think it’s positively scandalous. The tariff tabled in the Theewaterskloof is 16%. Above NERSA approval”.

At the time, he was criticising the Good Party for approaching NERSA to review the City’s tariff hike of 17.6%.

The City’s figure is higher than the 15.1%  NERSA considered appropriate for all municipalities.

The coalition partners, the ANC, Good and Patriotic Alliance, are governing Theewaterskloof.

Its Deputy Mayor John Michaels says Hill-Lewis’ facts are not accurate…

“Our tariff hike is 15.1% and it was approved by NERSA. Not like the lies the Mayor of Cape Town is spreading. We are very unhappy as the municipality. This is politics is at the lowest level to influence people with lies. The Mayor of Cape Town must focus on the City’s affairs”.