The Water Department has admitted to Heart FM News that the controversial Clanwilliam Dam wall-raising project should’ve been finished well before this Winter’s rains.

The dam’s 98% full thanks to the recent showers, and even had to open its sluices over the weekend.

But the West Coast catchment area could’ve carried more rain had the wall-raising project been completed already.

Plans to extend the dam’s walls by 13 metres are only set to get underway in September – but by then, it’s already Spring.

Back in February, it was revealed the Department was bankrupt with allegations of “serious maladministration”.

But now, the Department’s Sputnik Ratau says millions have been freed up for the project.

“…for the work that needs to be done now, I think the minister was looking at something like R300 million,” says Ratau.

He admits they’re not happy the wall-raising project is still far from finished.

“We are not the happiest chappies in terms of where we should’ve been,”


The Water Department says it’ll only consider lowering Cape Town’s strict water restrictions in September.

Tough level 6B rules remain in place for Capetonians, even though the dams are rising thanks to the rains.

The City is now looking to national government for direction on when to lower the restrictions.

Residents are also pleading for water tariffs to decrease.

Ratau says dams would have to be at the 80% level for them to lower restrictions.