Official hesitancy to even talk about the alleged links between gangs and police in the Western Cape continues.

In the latest example, Provincial Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Thembisile Patekile has once again passed the buck to the National office.

Patekile was asked about the provincial police ombudsman’s report into the matter during Monday’s media conference on the latest crime statistics.

But he refused to comment on why the findings of the report haven’t been released.

The report stems from a damning ruling by the Western Cape High Court back in October 2022.

Judge Daniel Thulare denied two men bail – and exposed potential penetration of the highest ranks of provincial police management by gangs in the province – specifically the 28’s gang.

Patekile says that he’s part of the management team under investigation:

“Us at this level, we won’t be commenting because we are all being investigated. Whatever the results National Police Commissioner General Fannie Masemola will be competent person to person to report on that”.

Meanwhile, Police Oversight and Community Safety MEC, Reagan Allen, was also at the media briefing.

And he lashed out again at the police watchdog, IPID, over its silence.

IPID has supposedly investigated the matter, but has also failed to make any findings public.

The MEC says he has secured a meeting with the national commissioner later this month.

Allen pledged to raise the question of when the information will be shared.

“The quicker this report is dealt with, the better for everyone. No person in this room would want to work with a corrupt officer. No person in this room would want to work with any police officer who is colluding with gangsters. We want that report to be furnished to the Western Cape Government so that we can make recommendations if need be”.