The Western Cape Health and Wellness Department is spending millions of rand on diesel to keep the power supply running at public health facilities during rolling blackouts.

In fact, over the past 11 months, the department has spent over 120 million Rand.

The department says it has continued exploring and implementing measures to ensure that facilities remain operational, thus continuing to be able to provide citizens with health care services.

The below is expenditure report for budget item Consumables: Fuel from 1 April 2022 to 16 February 2023:

April – R7 407 413,46
May – R8 783 755,42
June – R5 697 287,25
July – R16 805 228,14
August – R8 508 614,52
September – R14 739 049,71
October – R12 616 602,03
November – R8 264 156,97
December – R12 092 521,51
January – R15 810 865,84
16 February – R10 203 873,41

Despite the current ongoing effects of load shedding, the department says it remains committed to ensuring that services are not affected.

“All facilities have maintenance teams who assess the generators and service them regularly. Where a generator is deemed to need replacement, such replacement is ordered and interim arrangements are made to ensure continued medical and health care is provided”, said health spokesperson¬† Mark van der Heever.