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On Monday, 9 December 2019, Eskom took the unprecedented step of instituting Stage 6 loadshedding.

At least in part, the utility blamed the heavy rains across many parts of the country causing coal supplies to become wet as a reason for the decision.

That’s raised fears that this new level of rolling blackouts may recur – and that even more disruptive levels might be called into play.

The Excel spreadsheet below charts the impact on every suburb across the province for every level of scheduled blackouts.

It’s not the most user-friendly tool, but it is the official Eskom user guide – and it is functional. You’ll need to:

  • Click on the link below and download the spreadsheet to your device.
  • Select the loadshedding stage from the drop-down menu on the top line.
  • Choose your municipality from the “Select City” drop-down menu on the left.
  • Choose your town or suburb from the “Select Suburb” drop-down menu on the left.
  • The shaded blocks indicate when power will be cut in your area.
  • You may need to click the “enable editing” prompt to use the drop-down menus.


City of Cape Town customers can use this link for a simpler guide to how they’re affected:

City Of Cape Town Loadshedding Schedule


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