The City of Cape Town has announced that we will avoid the dreaded #DayZero this year and in 2019.

But according to the municipality, that’s only if water restrictions remain in place.

The City says it’s happy with the early and recent Winter rains.

In just the metro, we’re sitting with just more than 33% usable water left – which is a better position than this time last year.

But Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson says they’ll have to diversify the metro’s water sources to keep the taps on in future.

“Having analysed this new data, we are now in a position to state that not only have we managed to avoid Day Zero this year, but we will also safely get through summer in 2019.

This is due to the amount of water already in the dams, our intense water demand management programmes, our unrelenting communication, awareness and the behavioural change it has affected over the past two years, as well as the continued support and sacrifice of Team Cape Town,” says Neilson.