The Karoo Gemeenskaps Party (KGP) in the Prince Albert Municipality, says the transfer of municipal power was illegal.

On Friday during a special council meeting, the party’s Mayor Maggie Jaftha voted with the DA to change the political leadership.

She retained her position, and the DA took over the positions of Deputy Mayor and Speaker

But the KGP says Jafta was expelled by the party and senior municipal officials knew about it.

Following last year’s local government, the KGP, ANC and the Patriotic Alliance formed a coalition alliance to run the municipality in the Central Karoo.

The KGP president, Goliath Lottering, says Jafta is no longer the member of the party.

“As we’ve said, we expelled Miss Maggie Jafta from the KGP. Therefore, we believe that she [no longer] holds membership of the party, and therefore she’s not a councillor anymore. Although she sent a notice of appeal, the KGP rejects the notice – because she was found guilty and had enough time for mitigation, and she [did] not even send any mitigation facts to the KGP, with respect to the extension.”


Image: Prince Albert Municipality website