A thirteen-year-old boy is one of three people who were arrested on attempted murder charges in Cape Town.

He and another teenager were caught in connection with a shooting in Heideveld on Saturday.

A 34-year-old man has also been nabbed in connection with this incident.

The attack on two men is believed to be a retaliation attack after another victim was killed in the area, last week Thursday.

The police’s Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said,” police members who were busy with tracing operations, gave chase and arrested three males aged 13, 16 and 34 on charges of attempted murder. The 13-year-old male will face an additional charge of unlicensed firearm and ammunition”.

Meanwhile, Heideveld Community Policing Forum’s Vanessa Adrianse says gangs in the area are continuously recruiting underage boys to join in on their criminal activities.

“Now likely most of the shooters and these young boys that are joining these gangs, are under the age of 18. Because they use them as targets. They identify and see the needs of these young boys. And they deploy these young boys to do their (gangs) dirty work”.