Convicted child killer, Norman  Afzal Simons, also known as the “Station Strangler”, will be released on parole before the end of this week.

He’s completed his 28-year sentence and is now eligible for parole.

The former teacher was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering ten-year-old Elroy van Rooyen in 1994.

He was suspected of murdering 22 boys and was thought to be a serial killer.

This was after 22 boys were found in shallow graves in Mitchells Plain between 1986 and 1994.

The Department of Correctional Services held a community engagement on Sunday, head of his release.

Western Cape regional commissioner, Delekile Klaas says the process is yet to be finalised.

“Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has given us [ the Department of Correctional Service] the date of the 23rd of July, However, we are still interacting with Simons and the caregiver where he will be staying. Based on those engagements it could either be the 23rd or afterwards”.

According to his parole conditions, he will be barred from interacting with children and communicating with the media.

Meanwhile, the family of the van Rooyen says it opposes the release of his killer, Norman Simons, on parole.

Spokesperson, Zorah Motasi says the decision to release Simons was not in the best interest of the family and the community.

“Unlike Norman, the family was never catered for by the criminal justice,  the social workers didn’t visit the family. We want to stand here and say although the decision has been taken we are opposed to it”.