People occupying the railway in Langa say they’re eagerly waiting to move to a new place.

The Housing Development Agency and the City of Cape Town, have identified land to relocate the residents to.

And government says they will be moved to the new site by the end of November 2022.

However, the location of the land isn’t being disclosed.

Officials claim that’s an attempt to prevent illegal occupation.

The Siyahla informal settlement’s residents occupied the tracks along the Central Line in 2019.

One of the members of the residents’ committee, Loyiso Nkohla, says the deal will be signed next week Thursday.

“Next week we will sign the Social Compact document, which contains the budget, and time frame for the project. The Housing Development Agency is implementing agency, which will make sure the relocation process goes smooth”.

He adds that security has been deployed to the site to prevent illegal land occupation.

“As the community will ensure that no one will illegally occupy the land. However, PRASA has already deployed security guards to the site”.