Police Oversight and Community Safety, MEC Reagen Allen says he will look into mistakes made by his department in the report on policing in the Western Cape.

On Tuesday, the top brass was responding to a report compiled by the province’s department of Community Safety for the 2021/22 financial year.

The report says that there’s a culture within the police that promotes corruption.

And it also states that 62.9% of dockets are lost in the police’s Docket Archive Store, and 14.3% vanished in courts.

But police indicated that some figures in the province’s policing needs and priorities report are far from accurate.

The Police’s Head of Strategic Management in the Western Cape, Ettienne Terblanche, says some of these stats simply don’t make sense.

“This issue was also in the made in 2022, it was quoted like that 62.9% out of dockets were lost. That would imply that 600 dockets out of the 1 000 dockets would go missing, and that’s not the case. I can assure you that the percentage of lost dockets is very small. But I will provide the committee with the actual number at a later stageā€.

Allen says they’ll take that on board.

“We are never shy to say when there’s a correction made we will note those corrections. And moving forward we will always have constructive engagement with the SAPS. Because for us it’s about the integration of ultimately working together. I’ll make sure that I will speak with the office”.