The Western Cape branch of taxi mother body, SANTACO, is threatening to withdraw taxis from operating if government terminates the Blue Dot Taxi programme.

The multi-million Rand project will not be renewed at end of October.

It’s understood that the province doesn’t have a sufficient budget to extend it.

The incentive programme was launched in May last year, and around 800 taxis have benefited from the pilot initiative.

SANTACO chairperson, Mandla Hermanus, says taxi associations agreed on the decision unanimously.

“We are jeopardising our own sustainability by doing that. But we’ve got no other alternative because we are not being supported and we are competing with modes of transport that are getting millions and billions from government each year. It is a pain we are prepared to take, and it’s a pain that we are going to have to take.”

Hermanus claims there’re those within the Mobility Department who want see the industry fail.


Image: Western Cape Government